Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, lies on the two rivers, Sava and Danube. It is the third largest city in south-eastern Europe after Istanbul and Athens. Just over 1,700,000 people live in it. Belgrade is the city of youth with more than 40% of its citizens are between 15 and 44 years of age.

Belgrade, just like other European cities, has its old and new, its mementos of past and joys of youth. But what makes cities, and indeed people different are their soul and appearance, the charm and openness that make them special.

The beauty of our town is in the smile of its people, their spontaneity and warmth, a friendly and extended hand most sincerely saying – Come again!

Belgrade is a special town – an endless story never reaching the epilogue because of its long, rich and above all, turbulent history which has left its marks, but also a unique soul created in the richness of differences and spiritual traces.

In addition to Athens, Belgrade is one of the oldest European cities, and the culture of Vinča /located in Belgrade/ is one of the oldest cultures of the continent.